What are the benefits of acai berry in skin care and health?

It is not surprising that the fruit of the Asay berry is one of the most popular natural ingredients in the world of beauty, because the berries carry many skin care benefits. In addition to specialized products and creams for the skin, and if you want to resort to natural methods and mixtures for the face, do not hesitate to include berries in your skin care routine as a natural solution to skin problems. From here we will introduce you more to the benefits of acai berry in skin care, in addition to its health benefits.

Benefits of acai berry for the skin

Assay berries contain a mixture of antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids that all help delay early aging by boosting immune and metabolic function and removing damaging free radicals from our bodies.
Raspberry is also rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. It is these vitamins and minerals that fight free radicals that cause special harm to our skin.
One of the strong benefits of acai berry for the skin is that it helps to maintain collagen and elastin and eliminate toxins that can cause skin diseases.
Assay berries help get rid of excess oils in the oily skin and control and regulate the secretions of this skin’s oils while keeping the skin hydrated and supple.
Assay berries help replenish and repair damaged skin cells thanks to the vitamins that increase collagen secretion in the skin.

Recipes from acai berries for skin care

Asay berry mixture with olive oil and honey

Mix a quarter cup of berries with a tablespoon of olive oil and honey. Apply the mask on the skin for 20 minutes, then wash it with warm water.
Asay berry mixture with milk

Mix the berries after mashing them with Greek yogurt and apply the mask on the face for 20 minutes. Use this mask to protect your skin from damage.
Asay berry mix with aloe vera

Add the aloe vera gel to the berries, grind the mixture together, then apply under the eyes. Use this mask to treat dark circles under the eyes.
Asay berry mixture with lemon

This mask is suitable for oily skin care. Mix the berries with almonds, dried oats and fresh lemon juice, and apply the mask for 15 minutes.
Asay berry mixture with turmeric and lemon

This mask is effective for acne-prone skin. Mix berries with lemon juice and turmeric and apply it to your skin for 20 minutes.
Asay berry mix with vitamin E

This mask has a role in anti-aging. Mix a quarter cup of berries with a teaspoon of vitamin E, aloe vera, olive oil and honey.
Asay berry mixture with sugar and coconut oil

Place the frozen berries in a plastic bag and crush them. Add a small cup of sugar and a small cup of coconut oil, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix them well. Keep the mask in a cool temperature and use it for a month.

Health benefits of blueberry

Asay berries have important health benefits, as these low-calorie and high-fiber Brazilian fruits contribute to weight loss and maintenance. This fruit also contains antioxidants that eliminate fat accumulated in the body, release it from toxins and treat digestive disorders.
You can eat it in a juice, or use asay puree, which is the best way to enjoy the flavor of this kind of berries. You can also mix Asay berries juice with a tablespoon of honey, a cup of milk and one banana and eat it between meals to get a perfect body.




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