Steps to advance again after a career failure

“The only one who never makes mistakes is the one who does nothing.” This quote, from Theodore Roosevelt’s sayings, summarizes the importance of failure to succeed, as well as endurance and resilience to failure, the latter that allows you to stand after a fall.

We all went through a number of difficulties in our lives, whether in our personal or professional lives, we all make mistakes, and we do not all deal in the same way when difficulties impede us on our way, which may compel us to return to the starting point. We find that some of us retract and allow negative emotions to conquer it, confine to emotional and negative thinking without trying to get out of the box.

So that some of us may come up with more than that to dive into the depths of negative thinking so that there is a lonely loner until devoured by depression, and there are those who, once a failure, cause him to see a steadfast resistor to emanate from his ashes and proceed in the path of self-realization, and he is not satisfied to make Failure to rank the enemy to create his identity.

We know that it is always difficult to accept failure, but accepting the success-failure duality, meaning that no success without failure may help rethink how to see failure from that bad side has a role other than obstruction, because it also helps one to readjust his plans and advance to see More mature and clear. So, how do we make failure a point of review and planning to use it to our advantage as a starting point to a better level after benefiting from it as an experience that has shown what is hidden from us to restore the accounts, so we do not stumble again and grow more and we do not have a point of drowning, surrender and submission to the negative side of failure.

Write down the four steps that you must follow if you are experiencing a failure at work and want to return to your previous routine:
1. Accept the pain

Failure hurts, bringing with him a cloud of negative emotions: disappointment, sadness, frustration, anger. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to act as if these feelings did not reach you, did not permeate you, and did not affect you. Because you can hide your face, and act as if everything is fine, but you may pull those pent-up feelings everywhere with you, like an iron ball attached to the ankle, and as long as you refuse to face it, you will keep it buried deeper inside.

To revert after a career failure, the first thing to do is accept negative feelings and endure pain. You are not immune, you are a human being. So give yourself the right to feel pain. This will not make you weak, and if it had not been for the pain, happiness would have had no meaning.
2. Forgive yourself

You are not perfect, no one else. Everyone makes mistakes: You, me, the little and the old, poor and rich, trivial and wise. Yes, the degree of error varies from person to person and that is related to the degree of awareness and alertness. The important thing is that we accept the idea that we will always be wrong. We have done this in the past, and we are doing it now and we will do it again. Progress in life experiences and experiments bind wrong.

If you fail, this means that you have taken the risk, and have also agreed to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and try to solve it. It is this type of situation that may make you a successful person. Life will give you many opportunities, so forgive and forgive yourself and move to the next level so that you do not forget to live the moment and you remain trapped in the past.
3. Analyze the reasons

Failure is not a dead end, but a point of intersection in which you restore your accounts and take a better path. After you forget what you have lost, you will be able to analyze the reasons that led you to this setback. No one can change the past, but you can change your style and clarity of your vision to make the future better, so take this opportunity to learn from your mistakes and try to understand the reason for your failure and avoid blame and throw responsibility on others and play the role of the victim, and be honest with yourself, maybe the truth will harm you, but it will make you stronger.

And when you determine these reasons that led you to where you are today, you will be able to avoid and control them in order to behave differently and better in a similar situation. In addition, it will allow you to know you, helping you succeed and prosper in your life. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you find the job and the challenges that best suit you.
4. Stronger count

Once you accept negative feelings, forgive yourself, and know the reasons that led you to where you are today, it is time to come back and get back on your feet again. You will have some fear that you will fear returning to that hole again and experiencing your pain, anger, sadness or depression, which is completely normal.

Otherwise, you may not realize and realize that you are after these stages that you have gone through, failure has made you much stronger than you were, and that is because you chose to use failure to your advantage in order to discover yourself and advance better than before.

How is that? Now you know your weaknesses better and have a completely new, workable approach. And you have moved to the next level. The only thing left for you now is to regain the entrepreneur’s position that is not afraid of anything, so do not hesitate to open a new path. Life is a matter of vision, and it is you who determines the angle of your vision of the world and yourself, and it is she who will enable you to choose to be positive and see the full half of the cup.

How? Use your inner dialogue (the little voice in your head) to adapt your mind, to program yourself internally. So be your own coach and develop your mind to adapt to what you want. Exercise your mind as you train your muscle, this will make you able to face everything and will always help you move forward. It will not stop you from failing and you will become stronger than ever.




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