Human Resources Department goals

Make plans

The Human Resources Department creates plans and programs to ensure that the performance of employees is consistent with the goals of the institution in which they work, as the HR employee analyzes tasks and sets goals, in addition to setting policies and procedures to ensure the development of employees of the institution, and choosing them in the right way.

Dealing with personal problems

The HR employee is not considered a lawyer or a healer of problems, but if the employee encounters some financial problems and becomes indebted with a lot of money, the HR department can direct him towards programs that can help him, or if the employee is being chased from an old friend or the like, then an employee can Human resources help by informing the security to monitor it and laying down a plan to maintain the employee’s safety. The employee can also ask to keep matters confidential if it is important to him. The HR employee has the right not to keep the matter secret if the employee is being harassed by his manager for example or similar This is a problem. Because he is required to investigate the matter legally.


Employee Development

The Human Resources Department carries out activities aimed at developing employees, which include training and preparing new employees for their jobs, in addition to providing internal training opportunities, educational programs, and organizing conferences that keep employees informed of the latest updates in their specialties, in addition to providing evaluation and feedback to employees and managers.

Attracting qualified employees

The Human Resources Department uses the brand-related marketing methods in order to attract talented candidates and employees to work in the company, just as marketing is done for the various products and services that the company provides to clients and customers.

Determine rewards

The Human Resources Department plays an important role in determining rewards, compensation, and allowances based on the employee’s performance, in addition to wages based on the job performed by each employee. Compensations may include cash rewards and some other benefits, such as: health care, pension plans, and participation in shares The company.







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