Causes of muscle weakness

There are many causes of muscle weakness, which include the following:


Low use: If the muscles are not used properly, in people who live an inactive life, they become relaxed, and this leads to the conversion of the fibers that fall into the muscles into fat, but in a form Partially, then what is known as muscle wasting occurs, and although the muscle fibers do not lose strength, they decrease in number, just as the muscles lose their ability to contract well, and carrying out activities that were easy in the past becomes difficult; Because the person becomes tired, and it is reported that the strength of the muscles, in this case, can be restored by exercising regularly.


Pregnancy: After or during pregnancy, there is a tendency to develop anemia, as the levels of steroids in the blood increase, and this leads to a feeling of muscle fatigue, and it is mentioned that to get rid of that it is advised to exercise appropriate exercises for pregnant women.


Aging: muscles with age become less strong in terms of strength and size, yet the elderly are able to strengthen their muscles by exercising in a safe and regular exercise.


Inflammation: Inflammatory diseases are among the most common causes of temporary fatigue muscle weakness in terms of prevalence, and the reason behind this is that the muscles are exposed to inflammation, and although these cases are cured, the muscles may take a long time to return to normal.


Diseases that cause the brain to affect the muscles: This occurs in many diseases, including the following: Depression. Anxiety. Chronic pain.


Nerve damage due to an injury: Including injuries that occur to athletes during exercise, such as nightwear and others, when an injury occurs, bleeding occurs inside the muscle, followed by swelling and inflammation, and this leads to muscle weakness and pain in it












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