Benefits of dates before exercise for the bodybuilder

Bodybuilders are keen to build muscle through exercise, and there are other elements that help in building muscle speed, and in this article we explain the benefits of dates before exercise for the bodybuilder.


Dates are a summer plant known for its high nutritional value, and the Arabs relied on it as an essential source of food, and dates are a solid nucleus, surrounded by a shell called cotter, and after this cover, there is the part that is eaten in the dates. Dates are oval in shape, the size ranges between 20ml to 50ml, and contains many nutrients necessary for building the human body, such as carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, fats, vitamin C, protein, manganese, and a percentage of water.


BodyBuilding and dates


Bodybuilding is a sport that relies on a number of exercises to build muscles, and to highlight them in a large way, which gives the person a strong and attractive appearance, which is what most young people seek. It is essential that the bodybuilder is keen on proper nutrition and eating foods that have a high nutritional value, to build muscle quickly, and the most important foods that a bodybuilder should eat is dates.


Benefits of dates for health


Dates contain a high content of iron, which contributes to the treatment of anemia and anemia. Dates help treat heart disease, thanks to the iron. It contains fructose, which contributes to the treatment of constipation. It reduces the possibility of allergies because it contains zinc. Eating dates on an empty stomach in the morning will strengthen the liver and improve its functions. It combats bacteria and worms. The body gives the energy necessary for daily tasks, as it contains a group of vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B, in addition to containing a percentage of fat, sugars, phosphorous, and other nutrients. It provides the eyes plaster, protects them from dryness, and maintains their luster and shine. Eating dates helps strengthen the sense of sight. It contributes to treating the problem of hearing loss. Dates are soothing to the nerves, and they reduce nervous tension and anxiety. It helps wash kidneys and improves their functions. It helps revitalize the thyroid gland. Dates moisturize the intestine and regulate its movement. Reduces the risk of heart attacks. Eating drenched dates on an empty stomach can treat a cough. It also helps get rid of phlegm and sore throats. Dates help treat gout. Treats hemorrhoids. Adjusts the blood pH. It helps in treating sexual disorders. It treats high blood pressure. Treats kidney stones and gallbladder. It protects against colon and bowel cancer. It protects the body from toxins, thanks to its potassium and sodium content. Reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood. It contains fluorine that prevents teeth from decay. It helps in treating fragility and rickets, as it contains phosphorous and calcium. It treats anorexia. Rheumatism and joint pain treatment. It contains Vitamin A, which helps maintain skin moisture and protects it from dehydration.


Benefits of dates before exercise for the bodybuilder


Dates contain a set of nutritional values, the most important of which is protein, which helps build muscle. Dates give the body energy and vitality, as it provides the body with about 3000 calories (about 280 calories per hundred grams of dates). Dates contain many elements and minerals, such as iron, potassium, sulfur, copper, and others. It gives a feeling of satiety, which helps to maintain a healthy weight for the bodybuilder. In addition to containing 65% of sugars, 2.5% fibers, 2% proteins, and 2% of mineral salts and fats.







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