A new feature when searching for clothing and related products in Google

Google is currently launching a new feature for search results this week, making it easy to shop for popular products.


When searching for keywords like “running shoes” or “down jackets”, the search engine will now show a new section displaying popular products from online stores, and this new section will appear when searching for clothes, shoes, and accessories.


While browsing the popular products section, users can filter the results by style, section, and size.


After selecting a product, the search engine will show the sites from which it can be purchased, allowing users to compare prices quickly.


It will be possible to read product reviews without leaving the search results. However, users will have to visit the retailer’s website in order to purchase the desired product and also to leave a review and write it.

On this feature, the American company explained the following:

“To make this feature possible, the search engine indexes and organizes products from more than a million online stores, and updates this information regularly, just as we don’t charge sites as part of the Google search index. The retailers participating in this new feature appear for free.”


For merchant products to be displayed in the popular products section, they are encouraged to set up product feeds in Google Merchant Center or the appropriate structured data markup application on product pages.


According to the popular search engine, this new feature will help direct free traffic to merchants.

It will be interesting to know if it is beneficial to them during the coming period, especially as it is a feature that will keep users longer in searching and exploring products before heading to merchant sites.


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